Exposomics is a major research project on environmental exposures conducted in Turin, Italy and in other European cities. The project, started in September 2013, aims to measure environmental pollutants to which we are exposed during our daily life. Among the activities planned for this project there are three phases of observation in which 40 volunteers are going to wear for 24 hours special backpacks containing detectors that measure levels of pollutants and belts with GPS devices, smartphones and accelerometers that accurately determine the position of the participant and various factors such as physical activity. At the end of the 24 hours, volunteers will donate a blood sample for genetic and epigenetic analyses and will fill questionnaires on their diet and their usual activities during the day.

HuGeF's group on Molecular and Genetic Epidemiology coordinated by Prof. Paolo Vineis is in charge of the Exposomics component in Turin, Italy. The study is coordinated by Imperial College in London, UK and is funded by a grant of the EU (FP7 - ENV.2012.6.4-3, n. 308610). Further details about the study are available through the Exposomics website www.exposomicsproject.eu/