Professor. Ruggero De Maria is the new Chair of HuGeF
IIGM welcomes prof. Ruggero De Maria who was appointed Chair of the Foundation.
Professor De Maria is an internationally renowned researcher and oncologist and professor of General Pathology at the Faculty of Medicine of the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Rome. He previously held senior positions at major scientific institutions such as Head of the Department of Hematology, Oncology and Molecular Medicine of the National Institute of Health and Scientific Director of the National Cancer Institute "Regina Elena" in Rome. He is currently Chairman of Alliance Against Cancer, a network that brings together the most important cancer centres in Italy.
Professor. De Maria has an extensive experience in oncology research gained in Italy and abroad and has directed research teams and conducted several studies supported by national and international funding. Among his most important research we include those aimed at explaining the mechanisms underlying the production of blood cells and the property of cancer cells to resist to drugs. He also conducted pioneering studies on the identification of cancer stem cells of colon and lung cancers, he discovered the capacity of glioblastoma stem cells to create tumor vessels, and identified key mechanisms underlying the formation of metastases in breast and colon tumors.
Professor De Maria succeeds in the role of Chair prof. Alberto Piazza, one of the leading scientists in population genetics, who has been the founding father of HuGeF and has interpreted the role of Chair all these years with great dedication, ability and balance. The Foundation would like to thank Prof. Piazza for what he has done for the Institution and wishes him all the best for the new challenge that awaits him in his new role as Chairman of the Academy of Sciences in Turin.