Core Facilities

The research groups working in HuGeF-Torino may use the following core facilities:
- Cell Sorting Facility
- Flow Cytometry
- P2 Laboratory
- Radioisotope Laboratory
- Confocal Microscopy
- Bacteria growth service
- Cell Culture service
- Genomics service
- High spin

In particular, the genomics service provides to all researchers active in HuGeF - Torino the following high throughput services:
- Direct sequencing and Next Generation Sequencing (exome sequencing, target region sequencing, whole genome sequencing, ChIP-Seq, RNA-seq,)
- Genotyping (micro-arrays, real-time PCR, capillary electrophoresis)
- Gene expression (DNA micro-arrays and real time PCR, RNA sequencing, miRNA-seq)
- Detection of mutations by high-resolution melting profile
- Epigenetics/epigenome (chip array and NGS)