HuGeF in brief

HuGeF is a new Centre for Research and post-doctoral Education on Human Genetics.

A joint venture by Compagnia di San Paolo, University of Torino and Polytechnic of Torino, its laboratories are
settled in the same building hosting the Biotechnology School of the Torino University. The start-up activities have been granted by the Compagnia di San Paolo with an initial budget of 20 Million euros.

The mission of HuGeF is to promote basic research and post-graduate training in scientific disciplines related to human genetics, genomics and post-genomics by using the most updated technological platforms in an integrated environment.

The Foundation is planning to develop first-rate research by challenging synergies within outstanding Projects and by attracting young talents from the international scientific community along with strengthening local excellence.
To guarantee independence and sustainable development, group leaders and research projects are evaluated and monitored by an external Scientific Committee, formed by world leading scientists selected for their scientific
excellence. To guarantee transparency in dealing with research areas of peculiar ethical complexity and sensitivity, HuGeF appointed an external Ethics Committee as well.

HuGeF began to focus on the following research areas:
- Genomic variation in human populations and complex diseases
- Epidemiology and Molecular Genetics
- Immunogenetics
- Epigenetics
- Statistical Inference and Computational Biology