The amendments to the Statute of the Foundation have been accepted and registered in the Regional Register, therefore the new denomination of our Foundation is:

Italian Institute for Genomic Medicine - shortened IIGM

Open Positions

Postdoc position in Computational Biology: Download the application form

Three open positions in the Immune Regulation group

- Postdoc fellowship in Immunology and Epigenetics
- PhD fellowship in Immunology and Epigenetics
- Fellowship in Computational Immunology

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New paper for the Immunogenetics group
A recent paper from the Immunogenetics group demonstrates that a novel NF-kB inhibitor is effective in pre-clinical models of chronic lymphocytic leukemia and Richter syndrome more
three-dimensional structure of RNA molecules
Thanks to the new sequencing technologies, it is now possible to define the three-dimensional structure of RNA molecules to understand their function.
A large fraction of the cellular DNA is transcribed into RNA molecules, which function either as a cellular message more
Upcoming paper on British Journal of Cancer
Bladder cancer (BC) is among the most common malignancies worldwide. In recent years, there has been an increased interest in the identification of new biomarkers for early BC detection and recurrence/progression.
In the study of Pardini, Viberti et al. the levels of chromosomal damage were evaluated in lymphocytes from 158 BC cases more