Our Mission
IIGM's mission is to support high-quality research and education in the fields of human genetics, genomics and proteomics including the life sciences and in particular translational and precision medicine and biomedicine with the contribution of all scientific and technological disciplines related to them and with a particular attention to the bioethical aspects of these activities
Our Goals

To consolidate IIGM and focus its activities on precision medicine

To create a biomedical research and innovation hub together with a network of charities, research institutes and academia in domains relevant for precision medicine

To provide the necessary research infrastructure to local health care and in particular to the new "Health, Research and Innovation Park" in order to contribute to shape a more effective health care for our societies

To contribute to the achievements of a high international standard of the "Health, Research and Innovation Park" in delivery precision medicine and related research activities

To develop research projects with high potential in terms of both scientific excellence and IP impact in the field of precision medicine

To work out and utilize tools to manage, follow-up and evaluate actions

Our Values

We foster research projects aiming at knowledge advancement in biomedicine

We tend towards continuous improvement of our research quality

We believe in the value of young outstanding emerging researchers, and we support them on their research paths