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The Italian Institute for Genomic Medicine (IIGM) is recruiting junior and senior Group Leaders for a new program on Precision Medicine.

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Cellular memory: the way our body remembers how to fight diseases
Luigia Pace, an Italian biologist recently come back to Italy after 10 abroad in Germany and France, has identified the mechanism which regulates cellular memory in immune response.continue reading
Workshop on Precision Medicine

The First Workshop on Precision Medicine took place at the Italian Institute for genomic Medicine. Compagnia di S. Paolo's President Prof Francesco Profumo and IIGM's Presiden Prof. Ruggero De Maria welcomed speakers and participants.

Among guest speakers were: continue reading

IIGM participates to the SAR-GEN project for the study of sarcomas

SAR – GEN Project is an innovative multicenter study which addresses the cure of rare and complex tumors such as soft tissues and bones sarcomas through the study of the patients' genomic profiles read more