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Early-stage postdoc with bioinformatics and biotechnology experience

Pubblicato: 06.12.2023
Chiusura: 20.12.2023

The MOLECULAR and GENETIC EPIDEMIOLOGY Unit, headed by Dr Alessio G. Naccarati, is seeking a highly motivated Postdoc with a good background in molecular biology and bioinformatics to support the activities of the Unit. The host institution, the Italian Institute for Genomic Medicine (IIGM, www.iigm.it), is located at the FPO IRCCS Candiolo Cancer Institute, (Turin), Italy. The main goal of IIGM is to foster and develop excellence in translational medicine, immunology, genomic research, and education, with a strong focus on cancer. The institute provides high-level scientific education and access to state-of-the-art research facilities. The activity of the MOLECULAR and GENETIC EPIDEMIOLOGY Unit is comprehensive and focused on high throughput analysis of non-coding RNAs, mainly by total and small RNA-seq, and the microbiome in relation to clinical and environmental (dietary/lifestyle) factors. The main aim of the Unit is the identification of potential susceptibility, diagnostic, prognostic, and predictive biomarkers in tumor tissues or body fluids from cancer patients and the development of related therapeutical/diagnostic markers. For these reasons, the Unit is involved in several collaborative studies with different hospitals/research institutes in the city of Turin and all over Europe. 

Research: We encourage applications from young talented researchers, who are interested in gaining post-doctoral experience in a growing multidisciplinary and dynamic research environment that integrates molecular biology, epidemiology, and computational biology in the context of large-scale omics data. 

Position: In the ongoing studies, the candidate will be involved mainly in computational and statistical analyses. The candidate will also participate to the laboratory activities, in particular, collecting, processing, and storing biological samples (mainly stool and biological fluids), organizing the collection of clinical and anamnestic/demographic data from collaborating hospitals and from dietary/lifestyle questionnaires.  

Qualifications and requirements: 

Master degree in Biotechnology; PhD course completed (PhD defence done or  expected by early 2024) 

Good knowledge of bioinformatics/statistics (familiarity with R and Python languages, use of publicly available online repositories, functional enrichment analyses) for omic data analyses (including RNA-seq, small RNA sequencing, methylation sequencing, shotgun metagenome sequencing), proven by authorship in relevant scientific publications; 

Basic knowledge of molecular biology techniques (i.e., basic background of wet lab, especially for biobanking, nucleic acids extraction, library preparation for gene expression, methylation, microbiome analyses); 

A good publication score in international impacted journals, proving the capacity to organize and write scientific publications (at least one publication as a first author); 

Good communication skills and self-motivation; 

Fluent in spoken and written English. 

Mandatory requirements: 

To apply for this position, please submit via e-mail to alessio.naccarati@iigm.it the following documents: 

  1. A motivation letter (in English) describing past and present research experiences and interests.
  2. An updated Curriculum Vitae.

Offered positions: no. 01 – available immediately, the call will remain open until December 20 2023. 

Offered contract: 12 months fellowship.