IIGM is an instrumental body of the

IIGM is an instrumental body of the Compagnia di San Paolo Foundation

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Genetic and molecular epidemiology

The research program of the Genetic and Molecular Epidemiology Unit focuses on the integration of clinical, environmental (exposures, lifestyles, diet, diseases, and intermediate phenotypes), and genomic and epigenomic data collected in large prospective studies.


The research unit combines molecular, cellular, and global genomic approaches to investigate epigenetic and epitranscriptomic modifications that occur in response to environmental or developmental signals and that are deregulated in tumour transformation.

Cancer genomics and Bioinformatics

Our group studies cancer genomics using large-scale next-generation sequencing data to identify and characterize the molecular mechanisms driving cancer onset and progression.

Immune regulation

The studies of the Immune regulation unit are aimed at understanding the fundamental mechanisms underlying the development of the immune response.


The goal of the unit is the generation of innovative strategies for stimulating the antitumor immune response in cancer patients.

Statistical inference and computational biology

The Unit’s research program is related to the development of computational techniques inspired by statistical mechanics applied to biological research: from the quantitative analysis of large-scale biological databases to the inference of complex interaction networks.

Genomic instability and tumor immunity

The major interest of the unit is to decipher the link between genomic instability, cancer stemness and anti-tumor immune response, in order to develop effective and durable immunotherapeutic strategies.

Chemical Biology

The “Chemical Biology” unit develops new technologies and new strategies for enhancing drug therapies. Particular attention is paid to the pathways that enable the internalisation and delivery of biomolecules and biopharmaceuticals into intracellular compartments of the cell.

Sargen Project

Inter-unit Project “Genomic Profiles Analysis in Children, Adolescents and Young Adult with sarcomas” (SAR-GEN_ITA).